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Originally posted at 19:21 - 30/01/21
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Taking the plunge can be hard at times.

It's been a while since I last decided to create content for a game. And even longer since I last actually did something about it. But here we are, and I'm glad I'm finally doing it again.

But wait, who the hell are you?

I'm Ethyls, and I've been playing video games for over 25 years. Like most 90s kids, I started playing on consoles because most homes didn't have a computer back then. My first one, which I will forever remember with fondness, was a Sega Master System (model one, with a card reader).

In 2000, I started going to what basically amounted to a state-owned Internet café. Five computers in a LAN running the dreaded Windows Me (they would later have a random assortment of GNU/Linux distros available as dual-boot options). I'd been exposed to computers before, but I'd never had the opportunity to use one all day. It was a defining moment in my life, for sure.

I'd go there alone most days, but sometimes I was joined by two or three friends. We'd hog the computers all day playing Diablo 2 and later Warcraft 3 in LAN. It was glorious, except when we'd get asked to let other people use the computers for a change. After all, people were mostly coming to do actual work.

In 2002, I convinced my mother that we needed to have a computer at home. I believe it was my birthday gift. Man, was it a nice gift. We wouldn't get Internet at home for another year, so I kept my subscription at the Internet café to get new stuff: emulators, ROMs, even whole websites using website-mirroring software. I would spend so much time copying files to and from floppy disks...

When we got Internet at home in 2003, I almost immediately got into MMORPGs. First the free to play ones, then paid ones on private servers, sometimes even on the regular servers when it was doable for a kid (World of Warcraft for instance would let you subscribe using prepaid cards, which circumvented the need for a credit card). It was everything I'd always wanted from video games: new content all the time, playing with strangers or friends, meeting new people and being part of a community.

This love for online games hasn't faded since.

Getting into Genshin Impact

I know, that's a hell of a fast-forward, but I didn't want to bore you before you got to this point.

I recently moved to an island where Internet connections aren't the greatest to say the least. Think early '00s speed, but with worse ping. 4G routers have a better ping than regular wire connections here, so I got one. But 4G is finicky, even wind can cause interference.

On a whim, I decided to download and try Genshin Impact in early January. What surprised me the most about the game was how it handled online sessions. It seems that it doesn't rely as much as other games on server side calculations, which means that my ping fluctuations do not really impact anything on my end. Sure, it can be painful at times to play in co-op, but I can experience most of the game absolutely perfectly and play with other people when the 4G gods deem it reasonable. Works for me!

As an ex Guild Wars 2 player, I always enjoy games that want you to explore their world. MiHoYo can be proud, I'm collecting chests left and right.

Creating Dandelion Breeze

I've been playing the game and enjoying it for a month, give or take. I work as a web developer, and I had to look into GatsbyJS for a work opportunity. I found it really fun to use, and perfectly suited to create and maintain blogs. Thus, I decided to make one about Genshin Impact.

I checked if cocogoat.com was available. Alas, it belongs to a cosplayer.

My first (and only) 5 star character being Jean, I decided to check if dandelionbreeze.com was in use. As you can see, it wasn't, so I snagged it!

This blog has absolutely nothing to do with /r/JeanMains, but I think they'll like the theme.

What you can expect to find here

Most of the posts I will make on Dandelion Breeze will be opinion pieces. I want to discuss current topics, future content, community highlights and more.

As a programmer, I really enjoy diving deep in systems, statistics and such. This will hopefully let me create fun content for you to enjoy. One of the next articles will be based on a quick Genshin Impact banner pull simulator I created the other day and what I found out using it.

As soon as I figure out the least intrusive way to add comments to this Gatsby blog, each article will have a comment section.

Once I feel like my grasp on the game's systems is solid enough, you can expect guides, although I have a feeling that they will focus on very minute details. I don't want to write the 1000th MDPS Diluc guide.

Until then, stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

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